NOAH Conference aims to be a digital and physical collaboration platform for over 67 stakeholder groups to bring sustainable and measurable impact to the World. The hybrid event on the December in Zurich will continue the 13 year long journey of NOAH to connect the smart capital with the most exciting startups. NOAH is inviting speakers from small niche players, often undiscovered or underrated to the biggest European Unicorns, who made NOAH to what it is today. Over the last 13 years, NOAH brought together startups who collectively grew their valuations by 24x since they first spoke at NOAH – the combined value is over EUR 500 billion. It is our dream and passion to have the same chart in 10 years full of sustainable companies. Sustainability is the new digital driving a global paradigm shift from pure monetary to also include the global natural ecosystems.

13 December 2023 — 14 December 2023
2:40 pm

The Circle Convention Center Airport Zurich

Link to the conference