This Forum is the leading world-wide event for advisors of the Russian international elite. It returns to Zurich, at a time when the world has become a perilous place for the wealthy. Governments are hungry for cash. Information on who owns what is flowing around. The rich are in the spotlight, and often a target.

 Topics in the spotlight at the 2022 Forum:

  • The Pandora Papers and their Effect on the Wealthy
  • Current Status in Russia – Business and Tax
  • Public Registrars of Companies and Trusts
  • Confidentiality – Exchange of Information, Human Rights and Cybersecurity
  • Mobility – Tax and Immigration
  • Inheritance and Probate – International Case Study
  • Trust Assets: Bankable Assets – Private Equity Real Estate – Toys – Cryptocurrency
  • Country Updates: Switzerland – USA – France – Spain – UAE

19 May 2022 — 20 May 2022
2:40 pm

Marriott Hotel Zurich

Link to the conference