Every year, the SPIRIT OF BERN aims to illuminate and discuss important social issues in a broad and interdisciplinary manner. For the eighth edition of the Spirit of Bern, the board of trustees has chosen the topic “Nutrition – problems, trends and innovations”. On Thursday, August 24, 2023, over 500 experts from science, business and politics discussed in the Kursaal Bern how the gap between health, the environment and food production can be overcome. From technological innovations to changing consumer behavior, solutions were discussed to make the food system fit for the future.

The basic problem of today’s food system lies in the discrepancy between the requirements for health, environmental protection and sustainability on the one hand and the prevailing production, consumption and trading practices on the other. This leads to health problems, environmental damage and social inequalities that make a transformation of the food system urgent. This was also the appeal of Federal Councilor Guy Parmelin, who opened this year’s event in the Kursaal Bern as a guest speaker.