The 9th St.Gallen Dementia Congress 2023 will take place on November 2023 in the premises of Olma Messen St.Gallen. The congress is dedicated to the topic “Dementia care in the course of time – further thinking desired?” dedicated. Being active is a basic human need. However, people with dementia find it increasingly difficult to take the initiative for an activity or to take action according to their own needs. Therefore, the promotion and maintenance of skills to design a fulfilling everyday life is essential for a good quality of life for people with dementia. We can contribute to this with physical and mental training as well as an activating living environment. Examples of new and existing approaches to activating and shaping the everyday life of people with dementia were shown and discussed. In lectures and workshops, the topic was examined from a wide variety of perspectives, and speakers from various disciplines were invited. Once again, the participants were able to exchange experiences in a variety of ways and were given new food for thought.