Numerous projects and strategies today contribute to a digitally networked administration and society. A lot is currently happening in public administrations on the way to (even) more digitalization. The Swiss eGovernment Forum presents current projects that show why they became a success story or what is still missing for greater success. Benefit from the experiences gained, exchange ideas, take examples into everyday life and advance digitalization together – this is the motto under which the Swiss eGovernment Forum will take place in March 2024.

The program highlights success stories from all federal levels – a few examples:

  • Digitalization strategies of the federal government, cantons and municipalities – how were the projects approached and which strategies led to success, which ones are planned?
  • How can the protection of the digital integrity of the population be guaranteed in digitalization projects?
  • Why are, Smart Services Aargau, the digital “culture and leisure pass” of the Canton of Thurgau or the new federal law on the “use of electronic means to fulfill official tasks” (EMBAG) – also in political discourse – successful?
  • A lack of resources in communities is a major challenge – how can process optimization and digital communication processes help?
  • Why is Identity and Access Management (IAM) so important?

19 March 2024 — 20 March 2024
2:40 pm


Link to the conference