The last few years presented us with a lot of challenges. As a global community we face many ethical, social, economic, political, and environmental dilemmas. How will we re-build peace in the world and, equally important, in our inner world? The time has come to dust ourselves off, look to the future and think about what to do next. Our “house” needs to be re-built. From scratch? A smooth change? A radical change? As we set out to re-build better, we need to think about how to lay the grounds for a new sustainable, inclusive and resilient society. In what direction should we go? How can we re-build close relationships as well as global relations to leave a better world behind? The situation calls for all of us to become architects to co-create this future. We can all take our own tool of talent, a brick of hope, and contribute to re-building. Joining TEDxZurich 2023 might be an excellent foundation.

17 March 2023
2:40 pm

StageOne Event & Convention Hall Zurich

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