As in the past editions, the Forum will bring together leaders, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, scholars, intellectuals, and artists to discuss current issues in the Middle East Mediterranean region. The young change-makers have a unique opportunity to exchange views with senior representatives and experts, and to present ideas and proposals elaborated during the Seminar.

A particular attention will be given to the impact that the Russia-Ukraine war has on the regional geopolitical configurations, as well as on the socio-economic realities of the different countries.

The war in Ukraine ended a long period of peace in Europe and reshaped the world’s geopolitical balance and relations among the great powers. The consequences of this conflict are felt globally and are significantly affecting the Middle East and North Africa. Given the vastness and heterogeneity of this geographical area, there are some general consequences but also country-specific effects.

The MEM Forum is articulated in panels, key-note speeches by high-level speakers, and interviews. This year the panels and conversations of the Forum will bring forward the following topics:

  • The current geopolitical situation in the region;
  • The energetic transition from fossil fuels and the shift towards renewable energy sources;
  • Food insecurity and climate change;
  • The role of youth in the region;
  • The Middle East evolutions through the lens of culture and arts;
  • Interreligious and interfaith dialogue.

26 August 2023
2:40 pm

Università della Svizzera Italiana Lugano

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