The Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies has inaugurated in 2021 The Neuroscience Summit, a regular annual forum designed to mobilize a select group of global thought leaders and scholars across areas of neuroscience, with the goal of charting a path for engaging global neuroscience leadership in future trends on a broad scale.

The Neuroscience Summit will be held yearly in the idyllic setting of the Swiss Alps in Crans-Montana and will marshal thought leaders to engage participants in a critical analysis of the major neuroscience trends, through a series of informal discussion sessions and unconstrained network opportunities. Participants will be limited to a maximum of 35 and selected among established scholar applicants. 

Neuroscience needs to integrate knowledge and tools from several disciplines, often beyond the classical biomedical sciences. This entails far-ranging ramifications that no one research institution can tackle alone. Challenges and opportunities exist globally and the building blocks of innovation can be cemented only by exploring cross-disciplinary perspectives.

Societal needs and stakeholders’ appetite for a renewed age of neuroscience progress and, ultimately, therapies are there and are growing. The Neuroscience Summit looks to the future as we neuroscientists, incorporating novel frames of reference across expertise, must strive to forge a bright future and become the architects of the transformative impact of neuroscience upon society.

Participants will attend and engage in a variety of panels and sessions designed to meld minds over the emerging challenges of neuroscience and to network with the foremost leaders. The carefully orchestrated schedule and unique environment is designed to maximize the potential for understanding, forward-thinking dialogue and partnership ‎on a wide range of complex issues.

4 September 2023 — 6 September 2023
2:40 pm

Crans-Montana Chetzeron

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