While everyone is talking about the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI), at the Swiss AI Conference we are taking a closer look at what its implementation actually means for companies. Find out how this groundbreaking technology is changing our everyday work, discover the countless possibilities it offers and understand how it will significantly influence the future of work.

Be part of this event and gain insights that will not only give you a better understanding, but also show what relevance artificial intelligence can have specifically for your company.
The Swiss AI Conference – where insights are gained and the future becomes understandable.

At the Swiss AI Conference:

  • Do you understand the basic principles of AI?
  • You will learn what relevance the topic will have for your company in the future
  • You will experience project, use case and business insights
  • You network with innovative companies

5 March 2024
2:40 pm

Switzerland Innovation Park Central Rotkreuz

Link to the conference