The Swiss financial center is currently facing a multitude of challenges that are testing its robustness and adaptability. The constant themes: war, inflation, the interest rate environment and deep-seated uncertainties are our constant companions. They force the financial center and the banks to face them in order to remain a leading player on the global financial stage even in turbulent times.

Unsettled times, on the one hand, allow new things to flourish, but on the other hand, they also direct the focus back to the basic recipe for success: stability and security. But how do you guarantee these advantages in an age of change and innovation? How can the Swiss financial center ensure stable framework conditions and planning security in times of crisis? How important is a diversified banking landscape for success? The customer of the future: What motivates them, what needs do they have, and how well are the providers prepared for them? What role will the foreign banks that are currently acting on the offensive have to play?

Sind Sie dabei an der «Vision Bank – Vision Finanzplatz Schweiz #21» und werden Teil der Debatte, wie Herausforderungen und Chancen der Gegenwart sowie der Zukunft anzugehen sind.