This is not just another Drug safety conference. This is a conference which tells you a STORY. One personal experience followed by another, a storyline of exceptional people who happen to choose Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance as their way to bring needed medicines and protect those who are the most vulnerable, and to improve the health of millions of people on our planet. You will hear experts talk about the current issues in this ever-evolving industry. The best practice case studies on how to integrate new, disruptive technology into the rather rigid processes of PV organization and how it evolves to stay compliant. But how to do this with the more and more restrictive budget? How to prioritize, what methodologies to use for advanced therapies? What is the next evolution step in signal detection noise clearance? Are A.I.-based tools to become our colleagues, helpmates, or our replacement? Nonetheless, each company, department, and project starts with people. But how to build a winning cross-functional team and what kind of workforce is necessary for a drug safety department of the future? What kind of skills to expect from millennials and gen-z entering the industry and why do we need veterans in the industry as well? Challenges with innovations, outsourcing, everchanging regulatory landscape, harmonization, teaching other departments on how to use RWE data, and engaging the more and more aware public. All these topics we address, are conveyed having our mission in our mind, bringing medicines and new therapeutic indications to patients, faster, safer, and more sustainably. Our visionary keynote presentations and best practice case studies will complement engaging panel discussions with different speakers to better understand Pharmacovigilance challenges and solutions from different perspectives, with unique views coming from some of the most experienced and passionate professionals. Our conference will feature numerous assisted formal and informal networking, matchmaking, and breakout sessions to create those critical business friendships that will bring fruitful cooperation and fill that missing piece in our common mission to improve drug safety and quality of life for all.

28 November 2024 — 29 November 2024
2:40 pm

Hyperion Hotel Basel

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