The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health is pleased to announce the 5th Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety, which will be held in Montreux.

Patient safety is a serious public health concern. According to the World Health Organization, patient harm is the 14th leading cause of global burden of disease, comparable to tuberculosis and malaria. The lack of patient safety causes avoidable, thus unnecessary harm to patients and has significant economic consequences. Nearly 50% of the adverse events in health care are preventable.

Strengthening patient safety is a public health priority and a globally shared challenge, thus international cooperation is crucial. In this regard, the recent adoption of the World Health Assembly resolution on the “Global Action on Patient Safety” is one of the most significant advances in this area to date. In recent years, the Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety has become one of the central platforms for improving patient safety worldwide.

Since their inception in 2016, the summits have succeeded in raising awareness, as well as creating and maintaining the momentum of the global patient safety movement, as evidenced by the aforementioned achievement at the WHO level. Still, appropriate and sustainable implementation of suitable concepts and approaches remains an important challenge. Building on the success of past summits, next year’s event, which Switzerland has the honour of hosting, will focus on this critical issue.

As in previous years, the event will last two days. The first day will gather international stakeholders and world-class experts in the field of patient safety and the second day will be the Ministers’ Day.

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