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Swisstainability Reign Supreme

Switzerland – A Post Pandemic Paradise

As the global MICE industry shifts gear accelerating into a new age where people can finally reunite in person, it becomes apparent that our social animal instincts are very much alive and kicking. An end to the deprivations of human contact imposed on us by a historic event is finally in sight and we are raring to get out of our enforced confinement and travel to meet, greet, share and learn from our peers and like-minded individuals. It is a unique time and fabulous opportunities lie await to be seized – it’s time to take convention get togethers to the next level. Vast amounts of know-how has accumulated over the last few years, technology has progressed enormously, all of which we’ve only been able to share virtually which is all the more reason for people to unite and where better to do it than in Switzerland? And what’s Swisstainability all about? More on that further down,

A Unique Swiss Approach to Sustainability

The very nature of Switzerland has determined its approach to living sustainability long before it became a world priority. Switzerland and the Swiss population has subscribed to the philosophy of sustainability for so long it has become a way of life. Optimising the use of naturally available resources such as water for hydroelectric power and promoting public transport to reduce traffic congestion in a country with only a limited amount of space are good examples for how and why sustainability is a high priority in Switzerland and deserves the title of Swisstainability as a unique approach to enhancing the quality of life for its people, the planet and obviously, visitors.

With doomsday declarations regarding the fate of our planet now a hot topic, sustainability is today, no longer an option but must be considered essential. The niche that may have started as a grass roots movement has now climbed the ranks reaching consumers, businesses and even politicians. In recent years, conventions dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions and the like are all the rage, sadly with dissatisfactory results in the terms of global solidarity. It is however, only though a joint universal effort that, for eg, the UN Sustainable Development Goals can be met. Switzerland is resolved to contributing its fair share and has committed to a climate-neutral Switzerland by 2050.

What exemplifies Swisstainability

In a nutshell, most of the extraordinary qualities described in the previous articles are those that exemplify Switzerland’s dedication to sustainability. Whether it’s the fact that the Swiss are champions at recycling (even simply cycling in the meantime), public transport is absolutely world class and virtually second to none, and not least, the fabulous alpine air and exceptional water quality. Let there be no doubt that Swisstainability is here to stay and lead the way forward and need more words be lost on reasons why MICE organisers simply cannot this country as a most desirable destination.

As you can see, not only does Switzerland continue to grow in attractivity as a MICE destination, but we too are making every effort to enhance this location and make it more accessible and interesting for those who are yet to discover the real advantages of holding conferences and meetings in Switzerland.

We also invite you to browse the unique Conferences Agenda and inform yourself even more precisely of all professional conferences organized in Switzerland. That is the largest and only Swiss platform that provides data on any and all conferences, congresses and symposiums and is for free thanks to our non-profit strategy.

Dominique SchohnEditor Swiss Congress

Dear Reader

Switzerland is located at the heart of Europe and, thanks to its favourable location, is ideally placed to host international events. Switzerland’s towns and cities score highly as venues thanks to their modern infrastructure and manageable size. Hotels and venues are often within walking distance or eas- ily accessible by public transport. In addition, as a competitive location for business and science, Switzerland also offers interesting possibilities for en- riching and instructive fringe events. In alpine and rural destinations, the advantages lie in the country’s natural surroundings, such as its mountains and lakes, which serve as a source of energy and inspiration, helping to en- sure that your conference or business event stay well in the memories of par- ticipants.

Business tourism has changed in recent years. New digital opportunities have fundamentally changed the way in which we work. I see this as a great op- portunity for Switzerland as an event location, especially for smaller formats with suitable infrastructure. I also see great potential in the area of bleisure – the blend of business and leisure travel. Switzerland is very attractive for this with its scenic highlights, cultural diversity and short distances. Factors such as safety, reliability and sustainability also influence the choice of destination. And Switzerland scores well in all these areas. Why not see for yourself! It’s definitely worth holding your event in Switzerland.

Guy Parmelin
Federal Councillor
Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research EAER

Swiss Convention Centres

Swiss Convention Centres is the umbrella organisation that brings together the ten largest and best-equipped congress centres in Switzerland.

Ten reasons why you should hold your conference in one of these venues

  • High quality
  • Swissness
  • Easy accessibility, thanks to its central location within Europe
  • Safety
  • Great experience and solid expertise
  • Individuality and versatility of the centres
  • Good value for your money
  • Cultural variety
  • Attractive and richly varied destinations
  • High environmental and sustainability standards

For all these reasons the Swiss Convention Centres are your quality partners.

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