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“CICG represents a very international platform, it’s like working from home but for the world”

Didier Pittet
Professor of medecine, faculty of medecine,
university of Geneva chair, Chair ICPIC




Half a century of commitment to excellence

In 2023, CICG celebrated its 50th anniversary, proud of half a century of history. The centre was inaugurated in 1973, after nearly eight years of preparations, planning and construction, a place where history and diplomacy have converged for over five decades.

In the late 19th century, Geneva became the heart for peacekeeping, global engagement, and international conferences. In the turbulent years of the Cold War, the world yearned for peace and dialogue, and it was at this time that Geneva decided to create a new congress venue. In this unique location, heads of state, diplomats and visionaries gathered. In 1985, the Geneva summit allowed President Ronald Reagan and General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev to break down barriers and ease tensions between the two superpowers. In 2013, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif met with the objective of easing sanctions in exchange for a partial freeze on Iran’s nuclear program. These were pivotal moments in which the CICG provided the world stage for diplomacy, dialogue, and progress.

With relentless efforts for innovation, synergy, and open-mindedness, it is still relevant as ever on the world stage today. Numerous congresses and impactful conferences have taken place here, whether in connection with international Geneva or the private sector. Over the years, the CICG has evolved and developed. It has become a symbol of excellence as an awardwinning conference venue. For international organizations and private companies alike, the CICG continues to exceed expectations.

A celebration of a milestone

In honour of CICG’s 50th anniversary, we invited clients, partners, past and present employees, to celebrate the past five decades through a fascinating photographic journey retracing each era. Our guests embarked on a captivating journey into the metaverse, spanning the decades virtually, to discover iconic moments and significant developments in the CICG. They also had the opportunity to explore new technologies that we plan to integrate in 2024. This memorable night was fully organised by our teams aiming to offer a travel through time, appealing to their five senses. The meal consisted exclusively of vegetarian options, focusing primarily on the vegan diet. This initiative illustrates our commitment to sustainability, highlighting our vision for the future of conference catering alternatives. This memorable evening symbolized not only the rich history of the CICG, but also its continued commitment to anticipating the future with exciting innovations.

Our venues

This important milestone was also an opportunity to launch the future of FIPOI’s conference services by highlighting the various venues less known to the public, such as the Centre de Conférences Varembé, Maison de l’Environnement 2 and the Auditorium de la Pastorale. The latter, close to the CICG, features a modern conference room. This unique and privileged venue can accommodate up to 140 people, in a room fully equipped with the latest technology. It includes an adjacent foyer for receptions and offers an idyllic outdoor setting for all types of receptions and cocktails. We are excited to officially inaugurate this unique venue in a secluded nature setting later this year.

A modernised visual identity

We enter the second half of the century with a revived branding. After the aesthetical and technological makeover implemented these past years, it was time to do the same for our logos and highlight the unity of all our venues.

We are proud to introduce a brand new visual identity that not only reflects who we are, through a harmonious blend of Nature and Innovation, but also sets the stage for our vision for the future. Each logo, with its unique colour and visual elements, contributes to convey a distinct message about the relationship between our conference centres and nature, highlighting values such as sustainability, environmental responsibility, and harmony with our planet.

  • Subtle Green: Like an oasis amidst the bustling conference chaos, this shade whispers calmness.
  • Solid Stone Grey: Embodies the unyielding strength of ancient rocks and symbolizes the stability of our shared knowledge.
  • Elegance in Light Grey: Neutrality meets elegance, creating an ambiance where ideas flow freely.
  • Wooden Warmth: Just as tree branches flex and adapt, our wooden colours represent flexibility, reminding us that adaptation is the key to collective   success.
  • Natural Wood: brings us closer to nature, grounding us in moments of reflection and inspiration.

2024 marks not only the start of our new visual identity but also the launch of our official social media pages. We aim to share behindthe-scenes glimpses, engage with our community, and spark meaningful conversations around topics that matter to us.

Events Highlight 2023

The AI Summit for Good serves as a melting pot of ideas, expertise, and aspirations. Visionaries from diverse fields – academia, industry, government, and civil society – come together with a common purpose: leverage AI for the betterment of humanity. From climate change and healthcare to education and social equity, participants explore how AI can be harnessed as a force for positive change and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Since 2019, The Summit, Coconvened by Switzerland and ITU has taken place at the CICG, reuniting over 1000 participants. Its large exhibition features different IA powered robotics, innovative sessions and activities. The main plenary session perfectly showcased the versatility of our rooms and equipment, using our 65 sqm LED wall for live animations and other visuals. The event made history by hosting the biggest press conference reuniting the largest number of humanoids in the same place.

The CICG also hosted the 4th edition of Building Bridges Summit. The initiative launched in 2019 aims to create links between International Relations & the Finance sector towards advancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). During four days, 2500+ participants from 110+ countries gathered to exchange perspectives on strategies to align capital flows with sustainable and inclusive projects. The 2023 edition showcased over 70 events co-hosted by over 150 organizations to explore the climate crisis and energy transition, the impact of finance on nature and human society, transparency and accountability. These interactive discussions, workshops and fishbowl conversations provided opportunities to share lessons learned, and articulate common solutions.

Every two years since 2013, ICPIC has taken place at the CICG. It has become an established entity in the field of international Infection Control and Prevention, with an average of 1,200 participants representing 100+ countries. ICPIC provides a unique forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the prevention of healthcare-associated infection and control of antimicrobial resistance around the world. Though advances in infection control and prevention are being made, antimicrobial resistance persists as a global threat confronting all countries alike which we witnessed during COVID.

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