The 97th Congress of the Swiss Abroad will take place from ?16 to 18 August 2019 in Montreux (VD) on the banks of Lake Geneva, surrounded by vineyards and against the breathtaking backdrop of the snow-covered Alps.

This congress, with the theme “Quel monde pour demain?” (“What will tomorrow’s world hold?”), will provide an opportunity to reflect on social, political and economic realities, as well as unemployment, current migratory situations and even the mobility of the future. What major challenges will society be facing and how can they be tackled? How can we begin to respond to these issues today? The programme includes interesting debates involving leading personalities from the world of economics, science and Swiss politics A highlight of the congress will be a speech by a member of the Federal Council.

During the congress, participants will also have the chance to meet compatriots from around the world, learn about current news and events in Switzerland and discuss their respective experiences. Sightseeing tours of world-renowned sites and a political programme conceived especially for the Swiss electoral year will top off the agenda for this 97th Congress of the Swiss Abroad.

You will find further information regarding registration procedures on our website: Save the date now, so that you can participate in the 97th Congress for Swiss Abroad in Montreux!