There have been annual INURA conferences since the founding of INURA in 1991. They are a major platform for the exchange of urban research and action taking place throughout the world. The conference takes place in a different location each year. Local INURA groups organize conferences in their cities, to highlight and foster discussions of the local context.

The first part of the conference is an exchange among local residents and conference participants consisting of site visits, panel discussions, public events and interventions to bring participants closer to specific issues and concerns in the city.

The second part of the conference is a retreat outside of the city. This provides a forum to further exchange and reflect on the city visit, and to discuss in more depth interests of INURA, and ongoing projects from around the world. The retreat is intended for INURA members, however, interested newcomers are always welcome.

29 May 2023 — 31 May 2023
2:40 pm

Venue to be announced Zurich

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