This year’s Annual Swiss Symposium in Pharmaceutical Medicine of SGPM (Swiss Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine) taking place at Musikschule Florhof in Zurich on November 2023 carries the title “Artificial Intelligence and Cutting-edge Therapies”.

In the morning session, following the welcome addresses given by delegates from SGPM and IFAPP (International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Pharmaceutical Medicine), there will be presentations on the Vision of Digital Health and Therapeutics, Achievements and Promises of Artificial Intelligence in Early Drug Discovery and on Machine-learning technologies and Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery. After the coffee break the Use and Ethics of Digital Twins in Medicine will be addressed as well as Ethical and Legal Challenges of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

A surprise Musical Interlude is planned before the lunch break.

After lunch, there will be presentations on the Inclusion of Innovation Therapies in the Pharma Strategy, Market Access of Advanced Therapeutics and Value Creation of Gene and Cell Therapy. The final session will cover Regulatory Aspects of Advanced Therapeutics and Challenges of Biotechnology Supply Chains.

There will be a short résumé of the whole symposium before drinks and nibbles (“Apéro”) are offered to all attendees who were able to stay until the end. Following the analysis of the attendees’’ evaluations of the Symposium the 2023 event will be planned.

29 November 2023
2:40 pm

Musikzentrum Florhofgasse Zürich

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