In 2022, OpenAI released ChatGPT, bringing Generative AI into the daily life and work of the masses. This development took the world by storm, accelerating venture capital funding in the sector and igniting a technological race to create the best solutions for enhancing human productivity. While insurers have been exploring and adopting AI more broadly for many years, this new suite of tools, exhibiting human-like capabilities to generate text, image, and code, has just begun to transform the entire insurance value chain – from customer engagement to service delivery; from marketing and underwriting to claims experience. The potential is immense.

However, there is still much for insurers to figure out in order to drive the effective and safe adoption of this technology.  Is Generative AI a fundamental game-changer? What new business models and opportunities will it introduce? How do insurers best navigate cultural and regulatory landscapes?  How can they ensure the quality and reliability of outputs?

The Geneva Association’s 2024 Digital Technologies Conference, kindly hosted by Generali in Milan, will convene insurers, InsurTechs, investors, and other experts to explore these questions and assess how AI will impact the insurance industry.

19 March 2024 — 20 March 2024
2:40 pm

Venue to be announced Geneva

Link to the conference