The Trinational Digital Trust Days are an event free of charge organized and hosted by the Competence Center Digital Trust at FHNW School of Business. It is an event targeted towards employees from small and medium-sized enterprises interested in cybersecurity, data protection, ethics, and new technologies. It is not an expert event; instead we aim to create a space for exchange, hands-on insights and discussion on how cyber risks affects the work of small and medium-sized businesses. The unique feature of the event is its trinational character, which brings together interested people from Germany, France and Switzerland.


1. Get prepared: digital trust as uprising topic

Trust in technology and processes in the digital space are essential for businesses to successfully digitalize.

2. Get hands-on insights: workshops and discussion

Our program includes first-hand insights from a French, German, and Swiss perspective. Workshops will be a core element in order to ensure a interactive, personal, and fun experience.

3. Focus on interactivity: intense collaboration and virtual offerings

Seats to our event are limited, hence allowing for a small group size and highly interactivity. Dedicated sessions will be opened for a broader public and offer virtual participation.

20 February 2024 — 21 February 2024
2:40 pm

FHNW Campus Olten

Link to the conference