At E4S, we are committed to fostering meaningful collaborations to drive positive change. Our Annual Summit serves as a platform for our community to come together, exchange insights, and chart together the course of a more sustainable future. This year’s summit will focus on two pivotal themes that hold the key to driving systemic change within organizations and across the real economy: Sustainable Finance and Purpose-Driven Governance.

Sustainable Finance: the financial sector can play a significant role in advancing the transition towards a more sustainable economy – if capital is allocated appropriately and the underlying risks are holistically assessed. During the Annual Summit, we’ll present the latest research conducted at E4S, as well as engage in thoughtful conversations with experts and actors of the financial ecosystem.

Purpose-Driven Governance: Effective governance isn’t just about rules and regulations; it’s about defining an organization’s purpose and aligning it with actions that benefit all stakeholders. Our Summit will explore the latest role of purpose in governance, emphasizing the importance of ethical leadership, transparency, and accountability in societal impact.

What to Expect

Our Annual Summit promises a dynamic and engaging program featuring:

  • Keynote addresses: inspirational speakers will share their insights and experiences, offering fresh perspectives.
  • Panel discussions: thought-provoking roundtables with industry experts, academics, and practitioners.
  • Networking opportunities: connect with like-minded academics and professionals.
  • Research display: discover latest research from our academic and industry experts.

24 January 2024
2:40 pm

IMD Campus Lausanne

Link to the conference