In this cross-cutting special issue of the Bi-monthly open discussion forum series, three speakers will share insights on how system understanding, perception and intrinsic actions for transformation, can be fostered to help build resilient energy systems.

The objective of the event is to showcase pathways that make knowledge accessible, tangible, and that can aide and empower relevant stakeholders – National and Local Authorities, Business and Industry, Scientific and Technological Community, Non-Governmental Organizations, and other Major Groups – to effectively communicate the urgency and significance of deploying sustainable energy and energy resilience solutions and policies while empowering stakeholders to understand why and how they can (or should) take action.

The discussion will make an attempt to cultivate a shared commitment and inspire action to navigate the intricacies of energy system transformation, working towards a resilient energy future aligned with Sustainable Development Goals and climate targets.

6 February 2024
2:40 pm

Palais des Nations Geneva

Link to the conference