The goal of the first OPHEN summer meeting will be to address this current moment, its promises and challenges, by seeking to gain a certain overview and by questioning the future paths of phenomenology along three main axes:

  • Thematic axis: what are today’s active traditions and lines of inquiry within phenomenology, what new projects and research paths are being opened?

  • Institutional axis: what and where are today’s strong phenomenological institutions (research and teaching centres, journals, societies), what are their role and what challenges are they facing?

  • Digital axis: how will phenomenologists use and reflect upon the potential of digital tools and infrastructure? More specifically, what could or should be the role of the Open Commons of Phenomenology in this context?

We welcome contributions addressing any one of these questions, which will be grouped during the Summer Meeting into thematic blocs. In particular, we welcome papers that present a specific tradition, research project or institution in a contextual perspective. Panel proposals are especially welcome.

A central aim of the Summer Meeting is of course to foster a common discussion and new ideas around the Open Commons of Phenomenology. As such, the meeting presents not only an opportunity to reflect upon phenomenology as a whole, but for participants to meet the team, to make their voice heard and to get involved in what is increasingly becoming a crucial infrastructure of the phenomenological movement.

Abstracts of single papers should contain the name of the speaker, full contact address (including email address), the title and a summary of the paper of maximally 250 words. Panel proposals should contain respectively the name of the chair, the names of the speakers and commentator, full contact addresses (including email addresses), the title of the panel, a short (150 words) description of the panel’s content and for each paper an abstract of maximally 250 words.

1 July 2023 — 31 July 2023
2:40 pm

Thyon – Les Collons

Link to the conference