The European Research and Training Network G-VERSITY – Achieving Gender Diversity is an interdisciplinary and intersectoral research and training network funded by the European Commission. G-VERSITY aims at fostering new kinds of expertise needed to achieve a more balanced representation of women and men as well as of sexual and gender minority (SGM) groups in professions and positions in which these groups historically have been underrepresented. The network started in 2021 and has involved research groups from psychology, education, management, business administration, media and communication studies, as well as non-academic partners related to these topics.

The capstone G-VERSITY conference aims for an exchange of the most recent theoretical and practical insights about how to attain gender diversity. The conference is structured around four topics that have been central to the G-VERSITY project:

  • Gendered pathways and career choices
  • Gender diversity at work
  • Intersectional and postcolonial perspectives on gender and race
  • Research beyond the gender binary and heteronormativity

12 June 2024 — 14 June 2024
2:40 pm

Venue to be announced Bern

Link to the conference