After our successful Quantum Symposium in 2023, we are organizing the Global Academic and Industry Quantum Symposium 2024 on quantum information science and technology. The Symposium will run over three full days, Monday to Wednesday, March 2024. With a lively and intense program of three days across the entire field of quantum computing, participants will fully immerse in the academia, industry and government perspective of Quantum.

The Global Academic and Industry Quantum Symposium aims at bringing together experts from academic research on quantum computing and related technologies with the rapidly growing quantum industry worldwide. We expect 40 top speakers from academia, government and industry. The Symposium covers hardware and software aspects of quantum computing, as well as ethics, politics and career around it. Are you ready for a program full of surprises?

18 March 2024 — 20 March 2024
2:40 pm

Venue to be announced Basel

Link to the conference