Organised by the IFC at the BIS with the active support of the Bank of Italy, the European Central Bank and the South African Reserve Bank, this workshop will bring together central banks, international organisations, national statistical offices and other interested stakeholders to share knowledge on emerging trends in data science, data engineering and information technologies with a broad audience of practitioners and technicians. We will look in depth at the state of adoption of data analytics and business intelligence techniques along with data transformation and big data ecosystems in participants’ organisations. This event is intended to foster exchange, collaboration and understanding on the related interdisciplinary practices, use cases, and technologies and will also cover important topics such as data governance and data protection. This two-day workshop will focus on two main topics:

• Sharing of experience on tools, technologies, platforms;
• Illustration of use cases developed in participants’ organisations.

Areas of interest include in particular (see detailed annex):

• Data science and engineering (eg machine learning)
• Big data technologies and use cases
• Big data wrangling and processing
• Data visualisation and business intelligence 2/3
• Data governance / security
• Platforms for open banking / regulatory compliance
• Generic statistical business process modelling

22 August 2024 — 23 August 2024
2:40 pm

Venue to be announced Basel

Link to the conference