International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures aims to bring together experts working in the specialized field of hydraulic structures design from fundamental and applied research and practice. It will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of recent advances in knowledge as well as future needs. The topics of the ISHS are: regulation and flow conveyance structures, energy dissipaters, physical and numerical modeling, single and multi-phase flows, complex turbulent pressurized and open channel flow associated with hydraulic structures, advanced instrumentation for laboratory and field works, best practice solutions, fish passage, reservoir sedimentation and management, large wood and debris management, dam safety and risk management, and environmental and ecological impacts. New monitoring methods, modeling approaches, and cross-scale studies, and interdisciplinary research in ISHS topics in a changing environment, e.g, due to climate change and/or anthropogenic impacts, will be focused on.

17 June 2024 — 19 June 2024
2:40 pm

ETH Zurich

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