One Health stands for cross-sector thinking and collaboration. The health of people, animals and ecosystems are linked so that these areas can benefit from each other. At the 25th National Health Promotion Conference, the topic of One Health will be presented as a new perspective for health promotion. At the same time, you can take a look at practical examples at the conference to find out how this approach is already being used. Numerous workshops offer the opportunity to exchange ideas with other participants and learn from each other.

Target audience

  • Specialists in health promotion and prevention at national, cantonal and local levels
  • Environmental and veterinary specialists at national, cantonal and local levels
  • Representatives of public institutions or the federal government, the cantons, the municipalities and NGOs
  • Decision-makers from politics and business
  • Scientific experts

The conference offers

  • Valuable solutions that participants can put into practice
  • Opportunity to exchange ideas and innovative projects,
  • A practice-oriented exchange of knowledge and experience between specialists and decision-makers from administrations, public institutions, associations, politics and business,
  • A platform for exchanging and networking important networks, players and experts from the areas of people, the environment and animals.

1 February 2024
2:40 pm

Kursaal Bern

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