What role does social cohesion play in maintaining health in a society? To explore this topic, we will draw on several scientific contributions throughout the morning. First, we will address the concept of social capital, follow its development in Switzerland and examine why it is necessary for society as a whole. We will then focus on social cohesion as a protective factor and its impact on the quality of life and health of residents. The importance of networks such as volunteering and supportive communities at the local level will be highlighted.

The parallel sessions offer the opportunity to delve deeper into different aspects. You can choose to explore how to encourage the creation of structures in the built environment that favour social interactions. You will have the opportunity to understand the challenges of caring communities or volunteering in Switzerland and recognise their role in better social integration. You can attend a presentation as well as a panel discussion on how different tools, labels or awards for health promotion in communities integrate social cohesion. The conference will also address socially conditioned health inequalities and the contribution that health promotion can make to and with people in difficult life circumstances. Other contributions will present projects that aim to strengthen solidarity in the context of prevention in elderly care and in relation to family caregivers.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops that deal with current projects to promote diversity and inclusion in cities and communities. The conference will conclude with a philosophical reflection on the role that social cohesion will play in an increasingly individualized society.

The conference will have a modular structure, analogous to the 2023 conference: it will allow participants to put together their own program according to their needs and preferences and to exchange ideas in the welcoming environment of the Kursaal.

30 January 2025
2:40 pm

Kursaal Bern

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