With this initiative, vps.epas is underlining its commitment to a decentralised second pillar managed on the basis of social partnership and helping management bodies to undertake their continuing professional development in a consolidated and efficient way. For many foundation boards, the Pension Symposium has become a firm fixture on the annual training and development calendar.

The Pension Market Trade Fair will take place at the same time, offering stakeholders a current market overview of 2nd pillar service providers.

The 2,300 – 2,500 visitors will receive suggestions for their pension scheme and can visit a maximum of providers as well as lectures of the Pension Symposium within two days.

Target audience

The Pension Symposium and Pension Market Trade Fair are aimed at:

  • Pension fund representatives such as members of boards of truestees, managing directors, pension fund employees
  • CEO’s and CFOs of companies adressing the issue of occupational
  • Pension fund experts
  • Auditors
  • Brokers

14 June 2023 — 15 June 2023
2:40 pm

Exhibition Center Zurich

Link to the conference