This year’s special theme aims at taking our lively community out of the lab into the wild! Rather than outlining a thematic theme for submissions, we encourage the submission of contributions that pay special attention to – but are not limited to – which challenges are relevant to real-world environments and studies that clearly demonstrate what impacts research artifacts have to solve these challenges. Questions that should guide the submissions under the umbrella of this theme are, for example:

  • What are domain-specific problems and challenges relevant to Requirements Engineering in practice?
  • What are solutions (methodologies and technologies) that guide professionals when handling requirements in real-world environments?
  • What different interpretations and manifestations can Requirements Engineering take in practical settings?
  • How do we evidently demonstrate that the methods, techniques, and tools we develop solve problems relevant to practice?
  • How can we foster fruitful academia-industry collaborations?
  • What are insights, experiences, and lessons learnt that emerge from our investigations of how RE is applied in practice?
  • How can we ensure reproducibility and transparency in our research artifacts?

8 April 2024 — 11 April 2024
2:40 pm

Venue to be announced Zurich

Link to the conference