Arbitration Focused Sessions
The Summit will offer various individual sessions that delve into a variety of topics covering a range of issues and jurisdictions. We will give law firms and other organisations the opportunity to set up these events.

Collaboration with Other Associations and Educational Institutions
As we believe in the power of partnership, we have invited other associations and educational institutions to join us.
A Swiss Ski Weekend
To add an extra touch of Swiss charm, we’ve included a ski weekend in a picturesque Swiss alpine village. It’s an opportunity to relax, connect, show off your winter sports skills or just sit back and enjoy the stunning alpine scenery.

ASA’s 50th Anniversary Conference
As part of the Swiss Arbitration Summit, we will dedicate a conference day to celebrate 50 years of ASA with panels discussing the settlement of disputes in times of geopolitical crises, the role of advocacy, and how Swiss Arbitration could live up to the needs and expectations of its users.
Networking Opportunities Abound
The Swiss Arbitration Summit provides numerous opportunities to expand your professional network and forge connections with peers, experts, and industry leaders from all over the world. Whether it’s during the sessions or social events, the Summit will offer many opportunities to meet and connect.m.

Innovative Content and Sessions
Our event stands out for its innovative content and sessions. We have curated a program that delves deep into the latest trends and emerging topics and encourages thought-provoking discussions in the field of international arbitration. From interactive workshops to engaging panel discussions, every session is designed to broaden your horizons and inspire new ideas.
Affordable Access
To ensure knowledge is accessible to all, in addition to paid events such as the ASA Conference and the Innovation Conference, there will be numerous free events taking place throughout the Summit.
Unforgettable Ski Weekend
For those seeking a truly Swiss experience, a ski weekend in a Swiss village offers quality and adventure. It’s a chance to unwind, connect, and enjoy the breathtaking Swiss Alps while making lasting memories.

31 January 2024 — 4 February 2024
2:40 pm

Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva

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