As part of its research project on The International Judicial Function under Pressure: Do Courts and Tribunals Go Off the Rails?, the CIDS will host a conference, inviting scholars and early career researchers to join the CIDS researchers and leaders of this project in examining international judicial function and their ongoing findings.

Participants will present their research, focusing on topics relating to judicial restraint, activism, overreach, reasoning, and proposed corrective measures. The conference facilitates discussions that delve into correlations between judicial practices and the growing opposition to international courts and tribunals.

With the ever-evolving challenges in international dispute settlement, this event serves as a unique platform to explore legal questions and engage with the Project’s extensive data and research. The Conference will be structured around four substantive panels where participants will be presenting their research:

  1. Introduction – Defining the International Judicial Function and its Contours
  2. Judicial Function and State Consent – Overreaching or Fulfilling the Mandate? 
  3. Judicial Function and Economy – Too Much or Too Little? 
  4. Judicial Function and Standards of Review – to Judge or not to Judge?
  5. Judicial Function and Encroachment – Meddling in Someone Else’s Affair?
  6. Concluding Remarks

8 February 2024
2:40 pm

Villa Moynier Geneva

Link to the conference