Ten years after the ThEC13 conference at CERN, considerable progress has been made in Thorium research and the times are ripe to review the status of innovative Thorium technologies as a game changer in carbon-free energy generation. iThEC23 will bring together the main actors in the development of thorium energy systems in order to promote global scientific exchange and cooperation among specialists.A public event for all interested is also on the programme.

After an introductory session on global energy issues, the conference will address the scientific and technical advances offered by thorium to alternative nuclear technologies for carbon-free energy production, as well as to recycling and transmutation of spent nuclear fuel. The conference will be a forum for experts to present and discuss state-of-the-art and future developments of thorium facilities and enabling technologies, including mining, fuel cycles, materials, thermal hydraulics, neutronics, controls, simulation and modelling, advanced nuclear reactors and accelerators. Future industrial, environmental and commercial prospects will be presented, together with national thorium policies, to inform potential investors.

The conference subjects will be presented in a broadly accessible language at the event for the general public.

Conference subjects at a glance

  • Global energy challenges and opportunities at the dawn of the Third Millennium
  • Thorium origin and physical properties
  • Conceptual aspects of thorium power reactors, MSR, HTR, Lead- and LBE-cooled reactors.
  • Neutron physics of thorium reactors
  • Thorium fuel cycle and elimination of nuclear waste
  • Materials technology
  • Thorium accelerator-driven systems (ADS)
  • Non-proliferation, thorium systems safety and regulations

1 September 2024 — 5 September 2024
2:40 pm

CERN Geneve

Link to the conference