The Tourism Forum Switzerland (TFS) is a dialogue and coordination platform that aims to strengthen coordination and cooperation in tourism policy and to address challenges in a targeted manner. The TFS consists of the annual event of the same name as well as topic-specific working groups and workshops/webinars. The working groups and workshops/webinars primarily revolve around the topics that the annual event also focuses on.

The TFS offers a platform for exchange for the entire tourism sector, with a particular focus on interface issues with the public sector. Switzerland is a tourism country with a small structure, so cooperation at all levels is essential. The aim of the TFS is to bring together the tourism sector, tourism authorities at federal and cantonal levels and science to exchange ideas and use possible synergies. The TFS also helps to publicize new concepts and successful strategies in tourism. The webinars held throughout the year are an important instrument for knowledge diffusion and information exchange.

By including players from the tourism industry, the tourism regions and cantons, as well as representatives of the federal authorities in the Swiss Tourism Forum, it can be ensured that the federal tourism policy recognizes and takes advantage of the opportunities that arise at an early stage. Through the regular exchange of ideas, which takes place primarily in the topic-specific working groups, solutions and necessary measures for existing challenges can also be developed and implemented.

The TFS contributes to achieving the goals of the tourism strategy. The topics addressed as part of the dialogue and coordination platform are closely related to the federal government’s tourism strategy. In this context, the TFS should not only be seen as a vehicle for dealing with key challenges in Swiss tourism in a solution-oriented manner, but also as a tool to support the entire implementation work of the tourism strategy.