Join us at World Summit on Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology for an unparalleled gathering of Toxicology professionals, thought leaders, and enthusiasts. Our conference is a dynamic platform dedicated to fostering collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange within the Toxicology and Pharmacology.

At WSTAP-2024, we are dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of toxicology in safeguarding public health and the environment. Our mission is to promote research, education, and outreach in the field of toxicology, fostering a deeper comprehension of the impact of toxins on living organisms and ecosystems.

Through a multidisciplinary approach, we aim to address pressing challenges related to chemical exposure, drug safety, environmental pollutants, and other toxic substances. Our team of experts is committed to conducting cutting-edge research, disseminating knowledge, and providing evidence-based guidance to policymakers, industry professionals, and the public.

14 October 2024 — 16 October 2024
2:40 pm

Venue to be announced Bern

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